fucking good feet

feats of strength on two feet: we ran a half marathon this weekend in shelbourne, vt!

after running 13.1 miles, our minds and bodies needed some comfort food, enter our house. Holy crap. So, Jeronimo and I both got the ‘three little pigs’:

Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs

Basically, it’s pulled pork, bacon and a THICK piece of black ham with gruyere and cheddar cheese, with a fried egg somehow squeezed between a piece of chibata. Oh, and it came with the most amazing sweet potato fries ever, and apple-slaw.

Megan got the grilled cheese with soup (with bacon, cheddar and tomato in the grilled cheese, of course) We are all still digesting this place’s excellence.

thank you our house.

Stay hungry.

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I like drinking whiskey: all kinds, scotch, bourbon.. alll types!

Last night, I drank:
tomintoul, it was delicious. This post really sucks… the only reason I am writing it so I remember 🙂

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Zucchini pancakes

I am going to try to make this soon, for better or worse, and will

one very large zucchini
two eggs
1/4c parmesan
1/4c panko bread crumbs
garlic salt
fresh black pepper

grate the zucchini, then squeezed out excess moisture with a few paper towels
seasoned with the garlic salt, dried parsley, cayenne, and pepper

beat the two eggs in a separate bowl, then mixed in the parmesan
combined with the seasoned zucchini

stirred in panko just before frying in just enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan

The author recommended: eating it with plain greek yogurt

I will post pictures soon

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pizza, over here

A friend has an excellent website called www.pizzaoverhere.com

you can rate pizza, and find pizza close to you, how you like it.  It’s a great website.  I like my pizza like i like my telephone: mobile… and this has been my favorite for years:



pizza rests atop each side of the food pyramid

the pizza from here is like no other, and I won’t even try to describe it…. here’s what the pizza looks like:


pizza good.

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Slide over here baby

Friend’s don’t let friends eat bad food: we wouldn’t expect you to either. ‘bad’ is a subjective term though.. vegetarians might think that meat is ‘bad’, and carnivores might think that anyone trying to feed them vegetarian food is ‘bad’.

being bad never felt so good

is this a bad romance?

Well, if being ‘bad’ tastes and looks so good… i don’t want to be ‘good’.

brought to you via: http://www.chefchloe.com/blog/2-blog/32-burger-a-fries-combo-w-a-healthy-twist.html

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I really like your johnnycakes, your hot chinese johnnycakes

I remember when I discovered these, broke and wandering through Chinatown in search of affordable food. These hotcakes saved my life.

“As we eagerly ran up to the hotcakes cart for our usual two orders, we noticed two women standing nearby, dubiously eying the cart. I could hear them muttering to one another, wondering what the hotcakes were and whether they should get them. Now normally I don’t get involved in other people’s conversations but HELLO. It’s HOTCAKES. They’re delicious. And it’s only $1 for a bag of 15. That’s a super low risk factor. I told them they would love them (who doesn’t??), but we left them still trying to decide if they should or not.”

LUNCH: 4:00pm griddle hot cakes.

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one of my favorite restaurants via one of my favorite blogs

The specialty is roast beef on a roll ($4.45), well-done, medium, or in my case rare, and always well-moistened with gravy. (For a lubrication variation, observe the dark brown beefy pan drippings at John’s Deli.) Dine in, and your backdrop will be a paper placemat on a plastic tray. And yet, in the under-counter display case, you can also catch sight of a bottle of Moet, lolling in an ice bucket beside the shiraz and pinot grigio. For a $60 bottle of bubbly, you’d hope Roll-N-Roaster sets aside decent glasses; my big-ass iced tea ($1.50) came in a plastic cup.”

Eating In Translation: Roll-N-Roaster.

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I can taste this is my head and it thinks delicious.

“I wanted to make sure that my father would enjoy the sandwich so I chose one with his favorite cheese, Swiss, and one of his favorite vegetables, artichoke. It was a great decision to make as both he and I enjoyed the sandwich.”

Sunday Dinners: Laura Werlin’s Swiss Melt with Artichoke Hearts | imagine a different world of grilled cheese..

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Poach My Rhubarb and Call Me Otto

Sugar Rush: Otto’s Rhubarb Coppetta | Serious Eats : New York.

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Little Miss Muffet Sat On Her Tuffet, Eating Buffalo Curd?

Fresh Buffalo Curd Summer Salad recipe by Madalene Bonvini-Hamel; Chef, Photographer and Founder of The British Larder – The British Larder.

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