Hello Daddy, Hello Mom

Cookistry: Cherry Bombs.

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These make your Hot-Pockets look even shittier

Orange Blossom Water: Sambousek Lahmeh Maqli.

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If I were going to spend $10-$30 on breakfast, it might be here…

“As many of you know, we do love our breakfast sandwiches at Serious Eats, so to discover three simple but perfect and originally conceived breakfast sandwiches was a serious treat—particularly the roast pork and fried egg on ciabatta, which I’ve made several return visits for. The mortadella and the egg salad sandwiches are no slouches, either.”

Maialino Breakfast Review: Do Romans Really Eat This Well at Breakfast? | Serious Eats : New York.

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Jowling At The Moon

Ingredient Spotlight: Guanciale | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn.

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My Favorite Pizza Place+My Favorite Bar Snack / Heart Disease= Dinner

I love DeFazio’s! Rocco and his sons are as old-school and as real as they come. Also try the fresh made pasta with sausage and a antipasti. All organic and affordable- RosenOfTroy

Albany Eats!: DeFazio’s Pizza – Buffalo Chicken.

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I Love Brazilian Nepals

“It’s the quintessential New York buddy story: Two friends from Woodside—one Brazilian, one Nepalese—decided to open a restaurant. But they squabbled over what to serve: One loved the grilled steaks and coconut-milk-laced stews of his South American homeland; the other adored the meat jerkies and outsize dumplings of Nepal. So against the advice of others, they decided to fuse both cuisines in a single restaurant, and Katmandu Spice was born. It may be the only Brazilian-Nepalese restaurant in the world.”

Brazil and Nepal Hook Up at Katmandu Spice – Page 1 – Dining – New York – Village Voice.

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The Lebanese Bastard Luther Burger

“A Lebanese burger joint in Astoria, Queens, is serving up a quarter-pound cheeseburger on a sugary doughnut bun, complete with slices of halal turkey bacon.”

Try this burger with bacon and cheese served on a sugary doughnut bun, but no lard included.

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Only The Good Die Young or was it Don’t Eat The Egg Foo Young?

“From the menu’s “Oriental Specialties” comes lobster Cantonese ($18.95), cut into pieces with the shell still on, in a bath of white sauce thickened with cornstarch and pork. The lobster is sweeter than you might imagine. So is the sauce. Shower it with hot sauce and soy.”

Dining Briefs – Checking In – Wo Hop in Chinatown – Review – NYTimes.com.

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Biryani, Be Right On It

“The rice was really flavorful and struck a nice balance of not being overly dry or greasy. There were some raisins mixed in and a halved hard-boiled egg on top. The hot sauce was also great, meaning that it was actually hot. The sign on the front of the cart says they have mango chutney, and it also looked like they have some sort of cilantro sauce. I don’t care if they charge me more, but I’m definitely trying chutney when I go back.”

Biryani House Cart May Be My New Favorite Street Meat Source In The FiDi | Midtown Lunch: Downtown NYC.

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Totto’ly Awesome Ramen

During serving, the kitchen leaves nothing to chance. Every 30 minutes, a cook armed with a refractometer–a scientific instrument that measures the concentration of a solution–tests the broth’s levels to ensure that it’s up to snuff.

Then the broth meets a buoyant nest of noodles (made daily at Soba Totto), ribbons of green onion and sheets of tender pork, which get their burnished color by way of a blowtorch. Order your ramen spicy, and it’ll come with a liberal ladle of sinus-clearing chile-garlic sauce.”

TastingTable New York City | Totto Ramen noodle bar in Hell’s Kitchen.

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